Sorting Through the Details: Major Diesel Truck Engine Brands

Diesel Truck Engines in Nappanee, IN

Diesel Repair: More Important Than Ever

It’s no secret. Keeping your truck’s diesel engine running safely and well is more important than ever before. The pandemic set a new pace for shipping and deliveries, and prices for all kinds of transportation skyrocketed. Therefore, truck owners were met with a renewed reality that they needed to keep their means of making a living in good repair. The professionals at Locke Performance in Nappanee, Indiana, are here to help you do just that. If you’d like a little more information about your vehicle or if you’re contemplating purchasing another, we’re happy to help you sort through the details of the major brands.

A Deeper Dig

While every engine brand has its bonuses and shortcomings, we’ll share an overview of the major market competitors.


Beginning as a Chevrolet product branded as an Oldsmobile, the Duramax as we know it took shape after General Motors partnered first with Detroit Diesel in 1982 and then later with Isuzu. The result was a power plant produced between 1982 and 2000 that was noted for fuel efficiency when towing light loads. However, its drawback was less than expected longevity and limited power. Therefore, the manufacturer added better cold starting ability, an electronically controlled turbocharger, and a different oil separator to make it more comparable with its competitors. The current generation engine remains popular today.


Likewise, Ford began producing its PowerStroke in 1982. Ironically, Ford’s initial partner was International Harvester. Subsequently, the automaker joined forces with Navistar International, producing the PowerStroke as we know it beginning in 1994. Today, Ford is no longer aligned with Navistar—the once 7.3L engine is now a 6.7L PowerStroke Scorpion that’s popular for its boost.


With the longest history in diesel engine manufacturing, Cummins began in 1919. Its presence was known in multiple heavy and commercial transportation forms and became wildly popular in the Dodge Ram. The current 6.7L model is powerful yet less noisy than one might expect for the output. It’s also relatively fuel efficient and compatible with B20 biodiesel.

Working And Playing Together

Our team is more than just a group of nameless faces at some shop. We’re your neighbors and a part of the community. Like you, we work hard, but we also play hard. You’ll find us at the local dirt-pulling track and the Apple Festival. And, of course, you’ll find us providing you with the finest mechanical repairs and best customer service. When you’re in need of diesel truck engine repair, make the right choice, and bring your vehicle to Locke Performance.

Written by Locke Performance