Engine Repair in Nappanee, IN

A Do-Over for Your Engine - Locke Auto and Diesel Repair

Fortunately for your vehicle, if you experience catastrophic engine failure, it is possible to get an engine do-over and keep your car on the road. For engine repair and the routine maintenance services that delay the need for a major overhaul, you can count on Locke Auto and Diesel Repair in Nappanee, Indiana. You’ll find us conveniently located just off Hwy. 19 at 28699 County Road 50. Give us a call at 574-393-9700 to schedule an appointment for preventive services or to talk about major engine repair. We’re here to meet all your mechanical automotive needs.

Common Causes of Engine Failure

While it’s great to have the option for professional engine repair, it’s in your best interest to avoid a major problem as long as possible, saving you time, money, and aggravation. Here are the most common causes of engine failure and how to avoid them. One of the greatest hazards to engine health is a lack of sufficient, clean motor oil. You should change your oil regularly to keep it clean and prevent it from breaking down or forming sludge. Another engine enemy is heat. Factors that can contribute to overheating include a broken water pump, a bad thermostat, coolant leaks, or a faulty fan.

Considerations for Engine Repair

Once you discover that you indeed need major engine repair, you have multiple options to consider, depending upon the problem’s exact nature and severity. Replacing the specific parts that have gone bad is sometimes an option. As a member of the NAPA network, we support installing high-quality replacement parts. However, some owners choose used parts. While this may be a budget-friendly option, you’re taking the risk of the part not working after you’ve paid for and installed it.

Engine Rebuilds

If your engine’s problem is more serious, you may find that you need to “rebuild” the engine. Although a rebuild is extensive, many owners opt for this fix because the original engine is made for that specific auto, and an original engine matching serial number increases the marketability and value of a classic car. Should you find, however, that your best option is to install another engine, you have choices with that, as well. You can purchase a new engine (a “crate” engine). This is quite expensive, and you have to be sure a compatible engine is still made if you drive an older car. Another option is purchasing a remanufactured engine, one that is not new but has already been rebuilt. Regardless of the route, you take toward engine repair, your go-to choice for automotive services is Locke Auto and Diesel Repair in Nappanee, Indiana.