DOT Inspections in Nappanee, IN

Keeping Your Big Rig Safe and Legal - Locke Auto and Diesel Repair

Keeping your commercial vehicle safe is important for both you and other drivers. Also, you must keep your truck legal to protect your business interest and livelihood. Locke Auto and Diesel Repair can partner with you to take care of mechanical repairs that will keep you and your business out of the hot seat. You’ll find us at 28699 County Road 50, Nappanee, Indiana, just off Hwy. 19. Because we’re just around the corner, you can avoid the hassle of taking your rig into a larger town for service and repair. Call us at 574-393-9700 to schedule an appointment, and keep on trucking safely.

General Requirements

Federal regulations require that commercial trucks and their drivers meet certain standards to be on the road. Whether you leave the state or not, if you operate a commercial truck, you must adhere to the rules. While a full list of federal and Indiana state-specific requirements can be found in the Commercial Motor Vehicle Guidebook provided by the Indiana Department of Revenue, we’ll go over a few basic reminders. Our DOT inspectors check trucks for mechanical compliance and roadworthiness. We can assist you with maintaining and repairing your truck at Locke Performance. The truck must pass an annual Level 1 inspection, and the Indiana State Police (ISP) may also check your truck, log, etc. at any time, often at scale sites where weight checks are performed.

Specific Mechanical Checkpoints

To keep the public safe, inspectors check for certain elements of a commercial vehicle’s health. In addition to meeting documentation, licensure, and insurance requirements as well as safe loading practices, drivers/operators are subject to the following components being in good working order: brake system, coupling devices, exhaust system, truck frame, fuel system, turn signals, brake lamps, tail lamps, headlamps, lamps on projecting loads, steering mechanism, suspension, tires, van and open-top trailer bodies, wheels and rims, and windshield wipers.

While best practice is to always do a pre-trip self-inspection of your truck to make sure you don’t see any problems, it’s also a good idea to let us check the truck for you periodically and have us repair minor issues before they become major ones. At Locke Auto and Diesel Repair in Nappanee, Indiana, we understand that operating and maintaining a commercial truck is a big job, and we also understand the importance of that job. You keep America supplied, working, and fed. We thank you, and we’re honored to partner with you to keep your big rig rolling down the road.