Common Diesel Truck Engine Repairs

Diesel Truck Engine Repair in Nappanee, IN

Protecting Your Transportation Investment

Purchasing a new vehicle of any sort isn’t cheap anymore, and the cost can seem exorbitant when you’re buying a truck. This is particularly true for those with diesel engines, as the power plant adds to the price. Therefore, keeping your diesel truck in good mechanical condition is in your best interest. Whether you plan to continue driving your vehicle as long as possible or trade/sell it in favor of another, this holds true. The great news is that Locke Performance in Nappanee, Indiana, is nearby. We have over a half-century of auto repair experience behind our name, and our expert technicians can assist you with all your diesel truck engine repair needs.

An Overview Of The Most Common Repairs

To keep your diesel truck engine operating with maximum efficiency, it’s a good idea to bring it to our attention for preventive maintenance services and routine repairs. That said, some common issues should definitely prompt you to schedule an appointment. For instance, if your diesel remains unused for an extended period, you may face oil oxidation. This is particularly true if your truck is parked in a humid environment. Oxidized lubricant can no longer protect the engine as well as it should, so it’s important to change it before damage occurs. Also, your diesel engine uses glow plugs to warm the fuel to facilitate combustion. If these are going bad, you may have trouble starting your truck. Therefore, replacing these is a frequent and crucial repair. Furthermore, diesels are prone to fuel system hiccups. One often seen issue is a clogged fuel filter. A clogged filter not only stops filtering contaminating debris from your fuel, but it also eventually fails to let enough fuel pass. This starves the engine of its energy source. Other related issues include bad fuel injectors and/or a failing fuel injector pump. When your engine develops one of these issues, the fuel/air balance is upset. You’ll often see a visible sign of this trouble in the form of black exhaust.

Our Shared Community

The staff at Locke Performance views our work as more than just a job. We understand our role in keeping our community rolling safely and our economy moving. We’ve earned a reputation for quality work and stand behind our repairs with a warranty. You’ll also see us out in the community side by side with you at the dirt-pulling track and events such as the Apple Festival. We look forward to building a community comradery with you and handling your diesel truck engine repairs. Schedule your next appointment with us to see the difference community commitment can make in automotive services.

Written by Locke Performance