RV Repair in Nappanee, IN

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In the Nappanee, Indiana, area, we’re quite familiar with RVs. After all, with a major manufacturer nearby and local transporters, 20,000 plus pass our way each year, making us the RV capital of the world. When yours needs repair, be sure to take it where you get great service at a fair price. That’s important because nearly one-third of all new RV’s purchased will need a major repair within their first two years of ownership, and almost every one of them will require a major repair by the time they’re eight years old. For the best repair value, bring your RV to Locke Auto and Diesel Repair located at 28641 County Road 50. You can schedule an appointment by calling 574-393-9700 or simply stop by because walk-ins are always welcome.

Common RV Repairs

Don’t let the likelihood of RV repairs frighten you. Instead, understand what your big vehicle may need and prevent the things that you can. RV maintenance and repair actually fall into two major categories. First, remember that your RV is a house on wheels. Care for it like a traditional home. Relevant precautions include periodic roof inspection so that you can fill gaps or recoat the surface as necessary, as well as routine checks of faucets and plumbing lines to catch water leaks early. Since RV’s move, they are more prone to structural cracking than your conventional house.

Second, since your RV is indeed a vehicle, you have to maintain the same parts that you care for on a regular passenger vehicle and make timely repairs to keep problems from becoming more serious over time. A common RV problem, for instance, is dead batteries. RV’s are usually not driven as frequently as cars, so batteries have an opportunity to drain down as they sit unused. Tire deterioration is another major problem that leads to blowouts or flats. Unlike car tires that usually wear out from use, RV tires may still have plenty of tread, yet time and the elements take a toll on the structural integrity of the rubber if the vehicle is driven infrequently. The air pressure is often low after the RV has been sitting, as well. The degraded or underinflated tires are more likely to overheat and fail once the vehicle is back on the road for a long distance.

Local Repairs for Motorhomes & RVs

Most owners recognize that an RV’s real value is the opportunities it provides–family bonding, carefree travel, the ability to take the pets along, and the chance to place yourself safely and comfortably in nature for the night. We share your love for your RV, so bring your house on wheels to Lock Auto and Diesel Repair in Nappanee, Indiana, for service and repair. We’re your local shop that can help you get your RV ready to go the long distance.